McKinley & Gola Dailey Celebrated 56 Years of Marriage!!

McKinley & Gola Dailey

McKinley & Gola Dailey – Atmore, Alabama Married 55 Years – Anniversary: August 27, 1960

“My mother let me know that marriage was not always going to be a smooth road.” — Gola”

Excerpt From: Otis G. Sanders. “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.

Charles & Darlene Dickson Celebrating 41 Years of Marriage!

Charles & Darlene Dickson

Charles & Darlene Dickson – Los Angeles, CA Married 41 Years – Anniversary: November 15, 1975

“The way our relationship lasts, is being receptive to change.” — Charles

Darlene interjects, “Being married to an artist is a challenge in itself. Anyone that has creativity flowing through them is not the 9 to 5 kinda person, so you gotta understand what that’s about and let it flow into what it’s going to be.”

Rudy & Mariana Heske Celebrating 48 Years of Marriage!!

Rudy & Mariana Heske

Rudy & Mariana Heske – Los Angeles, California – Married 48 years – Anniversary November 9, 1968

“Our Goal is to make this marriage last.”—- Rudy

“We’ve never had a problem of spending too much money.  If anything, we spent too little,” says Rudy. “I was in the habit, maybe from my dad, of putting half of whatever I made in the bank and the rest I have to learn to live with.  If I didn’t have enough, that’s too bad. The money that’s in the bank has to stay there and grow.  That’s what my dad drilled into me; you gotta have it because there will come a time you’ll want a new car or something. He said ‘don’t go into debt, that’s the worst thing you can do.'”

Reginal & Malverta Henderson Celebrating 57 Years of Marriage!!

Reginal & Malverta Herndson

Reginal & Malverta Henderson- Leflore County, Mississippi married 57 years – Anniversary November 5, 1959

“The longer the marriage lasts, the sweeter it gets. You go from I, me, my, to we, us, and ours.” -Malverta

Randal & Cindy Linde–Celebrating 37 Years of Marriage!

Randal & Cindy Linde

Randal & Cindy Linde – Lakewood, California – Married 37 Years – Anniversary November 3, 1979

“I told her, ‘Everything I’ve promised you will come true’ — it just took 30 years to happen!” — Randal

Richard & Trish Ruthsatz Celebrating 25 Years of Marriage!

Richard & Trish Ruthsatz

Richard & Trish Ruthsatz – Torrance, California Married 25 Years – Anniversary: October 28, 1991

“Richard recalled, “From the very second I said, ‘I Do,’ I felt different. After being together all those years and living together, I felt like we were a partnership, thick or thin–we were a team.” Trish explained, “Our marriage is successful because we get along really well; we don’t fight– but that’s not to say we don’t get upset with each other, but nothing lingers. We’ve realized that we love each other even over the differences we might have.”



Always and Forever, Love is absolutely AMAZING!

I must say that the book, Always and Forever, Love is absolutely AMAZING!  It is very rare that Black Love is captured in a book and have beautiful photos to support the stories. Kudos to the author, Mr. Otis G. Sanders for giving the African American community role models that exemplify true love. I am looking forward to more books like this from Mr. Sanders…keep up the wonderful work!
Darlene Burke
Ten Toes In 
Founder and Executive Director

Always & Forever, Love The book
Always & Forever, Love The book
“Follow Your Heart, But Take Your Brain With You”

Gene & Damita Johnson Celebrating 32 Years of Marriage!

Gene & Damita JohnsonGene & Damita Johnson – Married 32 Years – Anniversary: October 22, 1984

“When the two of you become one, and you’re at odds with each other, you’re just fighting against yourself.” — Damita”

Excerpt From: Otis G. Sanders. “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.

Michael B. & Tina Marie Jones Celebrate 27 Years of Marriage!


“Michael B. & Tina Marie Jones – Albuquerque, New Mexico Married 27 Years – Anniversary: October 14, 1989”

“We never went to bed without saying to each other, ‘I Love You.’” —Tina”

Excerpt From: Otis G. Sanders. “Always & Forever Love: Success Stories Of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.


Gavin & Marquita Curry – Celebrating 32 years of Marriage!


Gavin & Marquita Curry – Los Angeles, California Married 32 years

“There is nothing separate about my life; it’s shared; it’s our life.”—Gavin”



Troy & Kathy Harrison Celebrating 25 Years of Marriage!!

Troy & Kathy Harrison

Troy & Kathy Harrison – Artesia, California – Married 25 years – Anniversary: October 12, 1991

Our strong commitment to our marriage and to each other strengthens our bond.” — Troy

This past weekend Troy surprised Kathy by inviting a few of their close friends and family over to renew their vows on their 25th Anniversary! Kathy was totally surprised as she thought they were going to attend a friends wedding anniversary. After the vows and a bit of socializing, we all went to dinner.  To some, 25 years seem like a long time, but life has a speed all its own.  Happy Anniversary Troy & Kathy, it’s been a pleasure knowing you guys all these years!

Otis & Freda Sanders Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage!!

Otis & Freda SandersPhoto By Greg Page

Otis & Freda Sanders – Inglewood, California – Married 14 Years – Anniversary: October 11, 2016         “A successful marriage is even more important for our kids, they have the opportunity to see the interactions between their parents.” — Otis

Rigoberto & Maria Leticia Marquez Celebrating 38 Years of Marriage!!

Rigaberto & Maria Marquez

Rigoberto & Maria Leticia Marquez – South Gate, California – Married 38 Years                      Anniversary: October 6, 1978

“We have trust in each other because we’ve known each other for so long; we work as a team.” —Rigoberto

Ken & Sharon Worthy celebrating 31 Years of Marriage!

Ken & Sharon Worthy

“Ken & Sharon Worthy – Stone Mountain, Georgia – Married 31 years – Anniversary: October 5, 1985”

“It was always that core love piece that always brought us together, as we went through the trials and tribulations of marriage.” — Sharon

Excerpt From: Otis G. Sanders. “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.



Floyd & Carla Williams Celebrates 31 Years of Marriage!!



“Floyd & Carla Williams – Atlanta, Georgia Married 31 Years – Anniversary: October 5, 1985

“Carla explained,….. we’ve been good at making adjustments, and we’ve also been forgiving. You have to get used to change and work to keep from getting comfortable in one spot.”

Excerpt From: Otis G. Sanders. “Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriage 20+ Years Strong.” iBooks.

President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrate 24th Anniversary!

The obama family
President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters, Sasha and Malia. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Since this site is dedicated to celebrating long standing marriages I thought it fitting to wish the nation’s First couple a Happy Anniversary! October 3rd marks the 24th wedding anniversary of President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama. It’s only fitting that the couple leading this country has been able to successfully chart a course through the ups and downs of marriage 24 years and counting!

Normally all the photos on this site are taken by yours truly, but this time I had to make an exception as I was not able to photograph the First Family myself. Instead I’m using  an official photo by Pete Souza.

Willie & Eliza James of Tensaw, Celebrated 75 Years Of Enduring Love

Willie & Liza James

Willie & Eliza James -Tensaw, Alabama Married 75 Years – Anniversary: September 29, 1938

After 75 years of Marriage to Mrs. Eliza Mae James, Willie James passed on August 7, 2012. This couple set an excellent example of how a marriage can work: ’til death do they part’. Though they were married in the late 30’s neither of them could remember tough times during their marriage.  Willie says he always had money because he always worked,  he and his father build the “pole house” they lived in and they grew their own food.  “Treating each other right”, was what he said helped him have a long standing successful marriage. It might sound too easy, but when you love a person enough to treat them right it’s not hard at all.   His wife Eliza says, “I had in mind ‘I loved him’, and I thought I should spend my life with him.” That’s exactly what they did,  they spent their lives together.

Willie & Bettye Williamson Celebrating 54 Years of Marriage – Sept. 23rd


Willie & Bettye Williamson – Long Beach, California/Summit, North Carolina – Married 54 Years

“We make decisions together; if it’s a bad decision, we made it together.” — Willie

Jethro & Lizzie Mae Dailey – Freemanville, Alabama Married 68 Years

Jethro & Lizzie Dailey

Jethro & Lizzie Mae Dailey – Freemanville, Alabama Married 68 Years – Anniversary: September 21, 1947

“There were times where we both have had to give in to the other to keep our marriage working.” — Jethro

Mrs. Lizzie Mae Dailey passed on March 11, 2015 after celebrating 68 years of marriage to Mr. Jethro Dailey.

David Byrd & Renee Dobson Celebrating 5 years of Marriage

David & Renee

David Byrd & Renee Dobson – Los Angeles, California Married 5 years – Anniversary: September 10th

“Our relationship was unique. It was instantaneous, with no effort. We knew we were going to be together.” — David

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn Celebrating their 26th Anniversary!!

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn – Norwalk, California – Married 26 years – Anniversary: September 8, 1990

“Our challenges started before we were married.” — Pamelia

Wallace & Donna L. Kelley Celebrating 53 Years of Marriage!!

Wallace & Donna Kelley

Wallace & Donna L. Kelley – Fresno, California – Married 53 Years – Anniversary: September 7, 1963

“Our Endurance and God has helped work things out in our marriage.” — Donna

Roshe & Stephanie Graham celebrating 22 years of Marriage!!

Rosche & Stephanie Graham

Roshe & Stephanie Graham – Hawthorne, California Married 22 Years – Anniversary: September 3, 1994

My grandfather said, “Having all yourkids from one woman makes your life so much more simpler.” — Roshe

Reginald & Shelley Norman Celebrating 17 years of Marriage!!!



Reginald & Shelley Norman

Reginald & Shelley Norman – Married 17 years – Anniversary: August 27th 1999

“What keeps our marriage alive and feeds me is the love Reggie has for me and my love for him.” — Shelley

Bill & LaVerne Carter Celebrating 49 years of Marriage!!

Photo of BIll & La Verne Carter from the book Always & Forever, Love

Bill & LaVerne Carter – Atlanta, Georgia – Married 49 years – Anniversary: August 26th

“We both knew who the CEO of our business, was and there was not, and is not a day that we leave our home without going to prayer together and thanking GOD for the opportunities He has blessed us with.”  — LaVerne

Bill & La Verne Carter are one of the 50+ couples in my latest book: Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.

Annise & Ora Dell Washington – Celebrated 62 Years of Marriage


Annise & Ora Dell Washington – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Married 62 Years – August 2, 1952

“If You Love each other; you can work it out — til death do you part.” — Ora Dell

Ora Dell passed on September 23rd, 2014. She gave birth to 17 children and celebrated 62 years of marriage to Annise Washington.  Her Husband Annise left here to be with her on July 21st, 2015.

Walter & Thelma Pratt Celebrated 63 Years of Marriage


Walter & Thelma Pratt Married 63 years

“God took care of us, and we took care of our children.”  — Thelma

On August 23, 2014, after 63 years of marriage, Thelma Pratt was called to the other side where she waits to be united with her husband Walter to continue their union.

John & Verla Saylor celebrate 47 years of marriage


John & Verla Saylor – Married 47 Years – Anniversary: July 29th

“We’ve had more fun than most millionaires…” —John

Roger & Sandra Carruthers celebrates 44 Years of marriage – Anniversary: July 15th


Roger & Sandra Carruthers – Altadena, California Married 44 Years – Anniversary: July 15th

“We’re like dinosaur, becoming extinct in the eyes of the masses, when it comes to commitment.” — Roger