Willie & Eliza James of Tensaw, Celebrated 75 Years Of Enduring Love

Willie & Liza James

Willie & Eliza James -Tensaw, Alabama Married 75 Years – Anniversary: September 29, 1938

After 75 years of Marriage to Mrs. Eliza Mae James, Willie James passed on August 7, 2012. This couple set an excellent example of how a marriage can work: ’til death do they part’. Though they were married in the late 30’s neither of them could remember tough times during their marriage.  Willie says he always had money because he always worked,  he and his father build the “pole house” they lived in and they grew their own food.  “Treating each other right”, was what he said helped him have a long standing successful marriage. It might sound too easy, but when you love a person enough to treat them right it’s not hard at all.   His wife Eliza says, “I had in mind ‘I loved him’, and I thought I should spend my life with him.” That’s exactly what they did,  they spent their lives together.

Willie & Bettye Williamson Celebrating 54 Years of Marriage – Sept. 23rd


Willie & Bettye Williamson – Long Beach, California/Summit, North Carolina – Married 54 Years

“We make decisions together; if it’s a bad decision, we made it together.” — Willie

Jethro & Lizzie Mae Dailey – Freemanville, Alabama Married 68 Years

Jethro & Lizzie Dailey

Jethro & Lizzie Mae Dailey – Freemanville, Alabama Married 68 Years – Anniversary: September 21, 1947

“There were times where we both have had to give in to the other to keep our marriage working.” — Jethro

Mrs. Lizzie Mae Dailey passed on March 11, 2015 after celebrating 68 years of marriage to Mr. Jethro Dailey.

David Byrd & Renee Dobson Celebrating 5 years of Marriage

David & Renee

David Byrd & Renee Dobson – Los Angeles, California Married 5 years – Anniversary: September 10th

“Our relationship was unique. It was instantaneous, with no effort. We knew we were going to be together.” — David

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn Celebrating their 26th Anniversary!!

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn

Richard & Pamelia Rhaburn – Norwalk, California – Married 26 years – Anniversary: September 8, 1990

“Our challenges started before we were married.” — Pamelia

Wallace & Donna L. Kelley Celebrating 53 Years of Marriage!!

Wallace & Donna Kelley

Wallace & Donna L. Kelley – Fresno, California – Married 53 Years – Anniversary: September 7, 1963

“Our Endurance and God has helped work things out in our marriage.” — Donna

Roshe & Stephanie Graham celebrating 22 years of Marriage!!

Rosche & Stephanie Graham

Roshe & Stephanie Graham – Hawthorne, California Married 22 Years – Anniversary: September 3, 1994

My grandfather said, “Having all yourkids from one woman makes your life so much more simpler.” — Roshe

Reginald & Shelley Norman Celebrating 17 years of Marriage!!!



Reginald & Shelley Norman

Reginald & Shelley Norman – Married 17 years – Anniversary: August 27th 1999

“What keeps our marriage alive and feeds me is the love Reggie has for me and my love for him.” — Shelley

Bill & LaVerne Carter Celebrating 49 years of Marriage!!

Photo of BIll & La Verne Carter from the book Always & Forever, Love

Bill & LaVerne Carter – Atlanta, Georgia – Married 49 years – Anniversary: August 26th

“We both knew who the CEO of our business, was and there was not, and is not a day that we leave our home without going to prayer together and thanking GOD for the opportunities He has blessed us with.”  — LaVerne

Bill & La Verne Carter are one of the 50+ couples in my latest book: Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong.

Annise & Ora Dell Washington – Celebrated 62 Years of Marriage


Annise & Ora Dell Washington – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Married 62 Years – August 2, 1952

“If You Love each other; you can work it out — til death do you part.” — Ora Dell

Ora Dell passed on September 23rd, 2014. She gave birth to 17 children and celebrated 62 years of marriage to Annise Washington.  Her Husband Annise left here to be with her on July 21st, 2015.

Walter & Thelma Pratt Celebrated 63 Years of Marriage


Walter & Thelma Pratt Married 63 years

“God took care of us, and we took care of our children.”  — Thelma

On August 23, 2014, after 63 years of marriage, Thelma Pratt was called to the other side where she waits to be united with her husband Walter to continue their union.

John & Verla Saylor celebrate 47 years of marriage


John & Verla Saylor – Married 47 Years – Anniversary: July 29th

“We’ve had more fun than most millionaires…” —John

Roger & Sandra Carruthers celebrates 44 Years of marriage – Anniversary: July 15th


Roger & Sandra Carruthers – Altadena, California Married 44 Years – Anniversary: July 15th

“We’re like dinosaur, becoming extinct in the eyes of the masses, when it comes to commitment.” — Roger

Rajan & Sarah Monteiro celebrates 2 years of Marriage – July 14


Rajan & Sarah Monteiro – Long Beach, California – Married 2 years – Anniversary: July 14th

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The ebook of Always & Forever, Love is ready for downloading!!


I uploaded the ebook version of Always & Forever, Love on Apple itunes just a few hours ago and it’s ready for downloading.  If you want to take your books on the road with you have access to your whole e-collection of books this is the best thing going, especially if you want to read whenever you get a moment without having to wait until you get home.

To read a sample of the book and or download it please visit itunes.

La Grande & Sonja Mason Celebrates 43 Years of Marriage — July 8th


“A perfect marriage only exists on TV, and it only lasts for 30 minutes to an hour.” — La Grande

“Robert & Rosie Davis – Celebrates 44 Years of Marriage – July 1st.


“Robert & Rosie Davis – Monroeville, Alabama – Married 44 Years – Anniversary: July 1, 1972”

“The Bible states the man should be the head, but if there is no one to help direct that head, that head could get out of control.” — Rev. Davis”


Rohn & Jane Ritzema celebrates 46 years of Marriage — June 29th


Rohn & Jane Ritzema Married 46 years Anniversary: June 29, 1970

“There have been many times our wedding vows have kept us committed.” –Rohn

Wayne & Delois Chapman Celebrates 20+ Years of Marriage!!


“There are no easy solutions in marriage. People get stronger and better with the work they put into it.” — Wayne”


Robert & Agatha Goudeau Celebrates 39 Years of Marriage!!!!


Robert & Agatha Goudeau –  Married 39 Years – Anniversary: June 18, 1977

“We made a lot of mistakes along the way.” — Robert   

A Statement like the one above is just one of many such examples of what couples have said that helps them have a successful marriage as I interviewed them for my current book: Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong. Acknowledging past and current mistakes and improving or correcting  them have helped couples like Robert & Agatha weather the storms that sometime brew in marriages on the journey to “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary Robert & Agatha Goudeau!!!

Kwei Quartey @ Eso Won BookStore in Leimert Park


Otis & Kwei Quartey holding the others book(s).

Last night I went to a book signing at Eso Won Bookstore in Leimert Park where Kwei Quartey  had a book signing of his recently published book Gold Of Our Fathers.

Kwei Quartey is a crime fiction writer and physician living in Pasadena, California. Having practiced medicine for more than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, he has attained noteworthy achievements in both fields. Dr. Quartey balances the two professions by dedicating the early morning hours to writing before beginning a day in his clinic.

Kwei, being Ghanaian uses Ghana as background for his writing as he does in Gold Of Our Fathers.  Listening to him speak of Ghana reminded me of my visits there riding my bike all over the city.  I found being in Ghana conducive to writing as I was inspired to write about the different sights, sounds, smells and people of the place to maybe use in writings of my own. Kwei, having grown up there (Accra, Ghana) has a wealth of knowledge to draw from although he lives here in the States. He visits Ghana regularly to research material for his next writing projects.

Kwei’s book Gold of Our Fathers and my book Always & Forever, Love: African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong are available at Eso Won BookStore.


Otis G. Sanders has done it again! The second book highlights the longevity of Love for 20+ Years and tells the raw truths of what it takes to sustain marriage from the African American perspective. Being honored to be featured in both the first and second book is a tribute to many couples that are able to work at staying together despite obstacles and challenges that we face together.

Thank for the Great work, time and effort it took to accomplish these necessary stories of marriage. Excited for Book Three!

Eddie & Katie Lambert Married 60 Years


Eddie & Katie Lambert – Married 60 Years – Anniversary: June 4, 1955

“Sometimes you go over ‘fool’s hill’ and do things that are not pleasing to a marriage.” — Eddie

Eddie and Katie Lambert spent 60 years together in marriage until October 5, 2015 when Mr. Lambert

was called home.

Theron & Bertha Winzer celebrates 51 years of marriage – May 30th


             Theron & Bertha Winzer –  Married 51 years – Anniversary: May 30, 1965

                                            “You have to stay busy, loving and caring.” — Theron

Jarrod & Crystal Waltower Celebrated 8 years of Marriage on May 3, 2016


Jarrod & Crystal Waltower Married 8  years – Anniversary: May 3, 2008

“In marriage, be honest with your expectations, and realize you are not perfect, so don’t expect your spouse to be either.” — Crystal

Weldon & Tonya Spurling – Happily married 29 years – Anniversary: May 2nd, 1987


Weldon & Tonya Spurling Long Beach, California Married 29 Years – Anniversary: May 2, 1987

“We gave our marriage to God in the beginning and said, ‘Do what you need to do to keep us together.'” — Weldon

Sam & Ella Mae Sanders Celebrates 52 Years of Marriage–May 1, 2016


         Sam & Ella Mae Sanders – McDonough, Georgia – Married 52 Years – Anniversary: May 1, 1964

“Marriage is different from dating. When you’re dating, you go home at night, but when you’re married, you’re there 24-7.”– Ella Mae

Edward & Laura Jimenez celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary


Edward & Laura Jimenez – Pomona California – Married 32 years – Anniversary April 28, 1984

“We didn’t fall apart or break up; we’re still together and still love each other.” — Ed

Wil & Carla Shelton Celebrates 25 Years of Marriage

Always & Forever, Love Book Cover Always & Forever, Love
Otis G. Sanders
Non- Fiction, Marriage, Self Help
7thSon Productions
May, 2016
Perfect Bound

Always & Forever, Love African American Success Stories of Marriages 20+ Years Strong is a table-top book celebrating African American Love, highlighting the desire of 50+ African American couples to sustain a successful, loving, happy, lasting marriage “til death do they part.”


Wil & Carla Shelton – Cypress California – Married 25 years – Anniversary: April 20, 1991

“Know that God is in control of everything that happens, no matter what you see in life.” — Wil